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Sunday, May 31st is Graduation Sunday!


We will be celebrating all graduates of Kindergarten, 8th Grade, High School, and College.


As a part of this celebration, we will have a slide show, and are asking for photos of all

graduates who fall into the groups listed above.


Please contact Janette Wyatt at the church office - 623.466.6807

We proudly say we're a family. That means we're a multi-generational group of people who come together to share God's love.


We welcome young families, boomers, empty nesters, and seniors, single or married. No matter what your place in life, you are welcome here.

At Venture Church you'll find a contemporary worship setting, with newer high-energy music mixed with a few of the best traditional songs, all led by our praise band.


You'll encounter friendly families, a relaxed environment, great kid's programs, and relevant sermon messages designed to help you deal with real life issues.


Venture Church

What You Can Expect

Venture Church

A Family Church in Glendale, AZ

There are many reasons why people don't go to church.


~ Church makes me nervous

~ They only want my money

~ I don't believe everything you believe

~ Church is filled with hypocrites

~ If you knew what I've done, you wouldn't want me

~ I need to get my life together before I go to church


Sound familiar? Maybe you've said some of these things?


We want you to know that everyone is welcome at Venture Church. Don't wait another week - join us this Sunday!

Why People Don't Go To Church  (We get it)







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