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Men Of Venture

Group Leader: Pastor Joel McLaughlin

Our weekly men's group is a great place to surround yourself with Christian men who understand what life can be like in today's world. Support, understanding, compassion, prayer - and without judging you as a person. Join us this week!

Our men's ministry is about growing closer to Christ and to each other through Christ. It's about becoming men of honor, who live lives of integrity; who strive to become better husbands, better fathers, and more godly men in our daily lives.

Men Of Venture Wednesday Night Group



Our goal is to bring the lost to Christ by offering more opportunities for men to experience the Bold Endeavor for which God made them!This is accomplished by exploring God’s word with Ministry Leader Pastor Joel McLaughlin during Wednesday night men’s group, serving together, attending our amazing men's retreats, and developing Christian based friendships.

Men Of Venture Thursday Breakfast


  • 7:00am Breakfast

  • For Men Age 18+

  • At Times Square Restaurant

    Join us each Thursday morning for breakfast, friendship, coffee, laughter, and so much more. This is a no pressure group time with fellow Christian men.

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